Ploughshare is a specialist consultancy committed to building healthy and highly effective third sector organisations –  Non-profit and community organisations, charities, NGOs, faith based organisations, missions and social enterprises. Ploughshare provides the resources and support for effective strategic planning, capacity building, governance, leadership development, funding strategies, creative promotion, research, and training. We share with you a vision and a commitment for creating a more just world with stronger communities, a thriving civil society, and a sustainable economy that places people first.

Ploughshare is staffed by professionals who have first-hand experience in third sector organisations and understand the challenges that community organisations and social enterprises face. At Ploughshare we are passionate about supporting the people, communities and enterprises that are cultivating good and making a positive difference in our communities and world. We’re about good ideas for good causes.

Ploughshare Mission Statement:
“Building effective, resilient, sustainable and innovative third sector organisations.”

Ploughshare provides you with four integrated and aligned support streams:

Ploughshare is registered with the Ministry of Social Development as a Capability Mentor for assessment, planning and implementation of ISO capability building. Find out more about Ploughshare by phoning, emailing or skyping us and learn first-hand how Ploughshare can partner and support your organisation to achieve its mission and goals.