About us

Ploughshare Mission Statement:

“Building effective, resilient, sustainable and innovative third sector organisations.”

Why use Ploughshare?

Ploughshare is a competent consultant partner with rich and valuable experience in the sector. We work from a strength based approach utilising the positive assets and values that your organisation has developed. Our commitment is  to leave you stronger, more resilient, team focused and better equipped.

Ploughshare doesn’t charge exorbitant consulting fees and instead uses a fee structure based on capacity that ensures accessibility for most organisations regardless of size.

Ploughshare has wide cross-sector experience meaning that we can quickly identify opportunities, challenges, threats, weaknesses, new initiatives and strategic responses. We make it part of our mission to stay informed about emerging trends, innovations, technologies and resources that can be utilised to your benefit and advantage.

As an outsider Ploughshare brings a fresh perspective seeing new possibilities for creating growth and impact. We can also ask the important  questions that lead to breakthrough and the confidence to address challenges and opportunities with renewed energy and commitment.

Ploughshare Consortia

Ploughshare’s is a registered NZ company. It’s organisational model is based on a consortia of independent third sector consultants and specialist networked together for the common vision of third sector capacity building.


Steve Tollestrup

Steve Tollestrup,
Ploughshare Director

Steve is a highly experienced third sector leader and consultant. He has worked in  Community and corporate based Executive management and governance as well as serving two terms as an elected representative on Auckland Council. He has  consulted for NGO’s, community groups, charities, faith based organisations and social enterprises here in New Zealand and internationally. Steve is an organisational innovator and social entrepreneur  competent  strategist, creative fundraiser and an engaging trainer who is  committed to empowering organisations to develop capacity, think originally and strategically while building an independent and secure funding base.

Steve exudes passion in any area of life that he chooses to involve himself. He cares primarily about people as opposed to status and position. He has a wide breadth of knowledge and experience working in complex and challenging environments. Brian Knolles, Director Oaklands Solutions.

I have worked with Steve for 16 years. In that time he has taken TEAR Fund from a small (7 staff) to a large vibrant movement with 28,000 financial financial supporters. His Organisational Change experience, marketing skills and insight into International Development has been a large contributor to the success of TEAR Fund today. Richard Barter NZTA  ‘Share the Road Campaign’

Steve is an incredibly inspiring fundraiser with an extremely keen eye for strategic detail and outstandingly warm people skills. I am not surprised he has had such a long and successful career in this sector.  Andy Kenworthy Communication Associates

Steve is a tireless and tenacious champion of the poor wherever they reside, whether at home in New Zealand – falling behind under unjust social policy – or labouring in crippling poverty in the developing world. He has a sharp eye for inequality and has never been afraid to tackle systems and establishments that perpetuate injustice.  Ian McInnes CEO TEARFUND NZ