Ploughshare Governance Training 2018

Research released in October stresses the importance of the NFP sector and its capacity for effective governance .  NFPs contribute more than $6 billion each year to New Zealand’s GDP, employ over 130 000 paid staff, engage more 1.2 million volunteers and deliver many social services to vulnerable New Zealanders, provide rich cultural and creative resources to our communities, support and fund vital research and education, stand behind our community sports,  as well as having a global reach through humanitarian aid programmes. Clearly the need professional governance skills around the board table isn’t limited to companies and corporates anymore. Agencies that are growing and winning the support of their public and donors are investing in governance development and training.

New Zealand Not for profit boards today are facing many challenges as legal requirements, compliance with best practice standards, and the expectations by the public and their donors for greater accountability and effective oversight require a new level of skill and competency from trustees and board members. Long gone on the days of casual volunteering on a charitable or NFP board. As Jo Cribb writing in the Spin-off wryly notes “Being on an NFP board is not for the faint-hearted.”

This year Ploughshare will be offering again community based and agency specific one-day governance training and refresher courses that include a comprehensive workbook and manual. Material covered include Roles and responsibilities, legal requirements, CEO relationship, decision making, board evaluation, effective meeting management, risk management and planning. Further specific governance areas such as Strategic Planning, Capability assessment, conflict and impasse, policy development for boards, fundraising are also available.

Contact ploughshare to find a workshop date or arrange an agency specific training day.


The October research by Dr Jo Cribb Governing for Good: The Governance Capability of Social Service NGOs is available for download