Ploughshare Development

Ploughshare Development is practical and engaging training and education for individuals and groups which can immediately be put to use. Training is custom designed to meet the specific needs of your organisation with popular courses also scheduled through the year.

Organisational Development


Personal development and well being.

Social Practice

Conflict Education

Ploughshare provides conflict and peace education for teams, organisations, institutions and community groups to help them become conflict literate, be aware of strategies for managing disagreement and be empowered to choose positive options and responses.


Ploughshare facilitate retreats that provide the opportunity to take time out to recharge, reflect on mission and focus on organisational and personal well-being. Retreats are positive team builders offering plenty of opportunity for personal insight. Run in restful and inspiring environments these retreats are fun, positive, and safe. Scheduled once a year or organised for you on request.