Ploughshare Growth

Connecting with your supporter base, donors, members or clients is critical to your growth and success. Whether it is fundraising strategies, public awareness, advocacy campaigns, marketing or branding, Ploughshare has the experience and knowledge to support your goals.

For major donors we provide a secure and unique Philanthropic Brokering with high impact projects throughout New Zealand  and internationally.

Independent Fundraising

Increasingly competitive funding  and reduction of available funds from previously dependable institutional donors mean the development of some funding independence is critical for sustainability. Ploughshare partners with you to design and implement strategies for independent fundraising success that include developing and growing a productive donor database, identifying and engaging major donors and target groups, bequest programmes and creating a successful annual appeal cycle that ensures reliable year round funding.

Capital Campaigns

Capital campaigns help you raise significant funds for a major building or asset project and takes special planning and organisation. Ploughshare supports and partners with you in the planning and implementation of a capital project with realistic time frames and campaign strategies  that can raise the funds needed to achieve your goals.

Bequest Planning

The largest transfer of generational wealth in history is taking place right now and an effective bequest programme is an essential element of any charitable organisation that wants to take advantage of this significant funding channel. Ploughshare helps you to establish an attractive and respectful bequest programme that wins legacy gifts.

Marketing, Branding and Promotion

Ploughshare has the experience and resources to ensure that your organisation can get its message out including a strong brand identity that creates supporter loyalty.  We can help you with cost effective promotion that includes public media and web based marketing, print, public relations strategies and advocacy campaigns.


Ploughshare can help you take the angst out of your public communication by providing you with compelling and effective copywriting for appeals, press releases, advertising, newsletters and campaigns.

Philanthropic Brokering

Working with your special philanthropic interests Ploughshare  can take the guess work out and connect  you as a major donor to high impact projects domestically and internationally. We know those well managed and sustainable projects in areas  such as  community development, health, peace-building, education, micro-enterprise, environment, agriculture and child development that are making a real difference in our world. We can provide you with a full prospectus, reports and arrange introductions and visits. We help you plan your giving and prepare a comprehensive annual report.