Ploughshare Insight

Few organisations can afford the salary cost of a full time research position. Yet research is an important activity for community groups, social enterprises, charities and NGO’s. Research can prove the value of a project, discover areas for improvement, audit impact, calculate the social return on investment, evaluate needs, assess feasibility, and produce documents for wider circulation and peer accountability. Research is also important for presenting your case and attracting the interest of funding providers. Ploughshare Insight provides an affordable research option.

Results Based Accountability

Results Based Accountability (RBA) is a simple, practical way for organisations to evaluate the results of their programmes. RBA uses publicly available data and data generated by providers to track the results of a programme and its impacts on the well – being of clients and communities we serve. It answers the critical question  question and communicates to the organisation and its key funders , ‘How are our communities, whānau and clients better off as a result of our work?’ RBA is used widely across social service, health and disability, local government, community development, environmental development, recreation and commercial sectors. A basic grasp of RBA is an essential tool for successful organisations and agencies. Ploughshare helps you craft and use an RBA tool purpose built for your organisation and sector..

Stake-holder Analysis

Stakeholder analysis is a 360 appreciative enquiry of your organisation through the perceptions of your stakeholders and their experience of engagement with you. It pinpoints excellence as well as important areas for improvement. It identifies where additional resources are required or unsuspected opportunities can be found and new services or products provided. It strengthens your organisation and sets a road map for positive development and improvement.

Social Return on Investment (SROI)

SROI is a social accounting framework that can be used to help manage and understand the social, economic and environmental outcomes created by your activity as an organisation. Ploughshare provides a simple SROI panalysis to understand how you create social value and dividend in financial terms and communicate that in a clear and consistent way to your customers, beneficiaries and funders.

Project Feasibility and Evaluation

Ploughshare can provide an assessment of project feasibility, or an evaluation of an existing project or programme. Our research considers the likely success and costs in meeting goals and satisfying community, beneficiary or client expectations. Ploughshare research can evaluate effectiveness of a specific project or programme including the relevance and validity of the objectives and the design. That helps you better understand and improve critical issues relevant to it as well as other existing or future  projects/programmes of a similar nature.

Project Facilitation

Ploughshare can work with you as a project partner in democratic and inclusive community development that empowers people and communities as the agents of their own change. Strategies  include participatory planning, assessment and evaluation, non-linear community decision making,  and support for the implementation of your projects and programmes.

Special Research Projects

Consideration of special research projects on request.