Ploughshare Strategy

A clear strategy that is focused on developing organisational capacity and a positive culture where innovation and teamwork thrive is essential. Ploughshare partners with you to support a growth focused and resilient organisation linked to an effective strategy.

Strategic evaluation and planning

Ploughshare facilitates strategic planning that helps organisations to define their goals, actions and a clear path forward. We help you evaluate your organisation’s capacity and resources, identify fresh possibilities and opportunities that support growth and development. Ploughshare Strategic plans are much more than aspirational documents  and are highly effective work tools for driving substantial organisational change and success.

Capability Assessment and planning

Capability assessment is a critical internal review that considers strengths, weaknesses and competency in 12 major areas: governance, financial systems and financial sustainability, adaptive leadership, operations management, branding and marketing, innovation, compliance and risk management, staff / volunteer development, outcomes focus, organisational technology, sector collaboration, Diversity and Organisational responsiveness to client groups. A Ploughshare Capability Assessment is an important foundational evaluation  for launching successful strategic initiatives

Creating cultures and teams of innovation and collaboration.

Organisations with cultures of innovation and that have a commitment to collaboration and learning don’t just happen. They are carefully developed and nurtured. Ploughshare has experience in building courageous  and innovative cultures where new ideas, grounded enthusiasm, effective communication and positive teams flourish.

Mentoring and Coaching

Having a mentor experienced in charitable and community based leadership provides an important sounding board and catalyst to thinking and problem solving that we all need as leaders. Ploughshare mentoring helps build your capacity and skills to lead confidently and wisely.

Building Better Boards

Ploughshare works with boards seeking to enhance  their governance and  meeting skills, decision making and policy development so that they can better contribute with confidence, compliance  and effectiveness to the organisations that they oversee and serve.