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Care Ranui Budgeting Service

Ranui Baptist Care

As part of the Ranui Bap­tist Com­mu­ni­ty Care Min­istry, the Ranui Budet­ing Ser­vice helps indi­vid­u­als and fam­i­lies gain skills in finan­cial lit­er­a­cy and plan out of debt. 

Ploughshare pro­vid­ed an MSD Capa­bil­i­ty Assess­ment and then pro­vid­ed plan­ning sup­port for improved inte­gra­tion of the wider com­mu­ni­ty ser­vices with the Bud­get­ing pro­gramme includ­ing thrift shop, com­mu­ni­ty care work­ers and foodbank.

Gov­er­nance train­ing for the board was also provided.